It is Written: Donald Trump is Going to Win — Here’s Why

Michael Rosenblum
3 min readMay 23, 2024


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Here’s a story you are going to like:

A young prince, born to great wealth is faced with a challenge — one that he doesn't really want to deal with, but he tries. Afterwards, he goes into exile, until he is called out of his self-imposed exile to rise, once again, to an even greater challenge. This time, he returns to face all the evils of his nation, and is continually challenged and has to fight many battles, but in the end, he is finally victorious.

Do you recognize that story?

It’s Moses in the Book of Exodus. He is an Egyptian prince who is confronted with an overseer beating a slave; and so he kills the overseer. After that, he runs off to the desert until he is confronted with his destiny, in the form of the burning bush. He returns to Egypt, takes on the all powerful Pharaoh, and after a series of very difficult encounters, he ultimately wins, taking his people into the Promised Land.

Oh, wait!

Maybe it’s the story of another prince of a powerful family, Michael Corleone who is faced with a challenge, kills someone (two people, I think) in a restaurant, runs away to Sicily, is confronted again with his destiny, rises to it, returns to Las Vegas and after many battles, defeats the evil Hyman Roth and takes his family (people) into the Holy Land of the Vegas Strip.

Oh, wait… maybe it’s Anakin Skywalker who takes goes on the same journey and finally takes on and defeats Darth Vader. No, maybe it’s Walter White who also goes on the exact same journey and ultimately defeats the evil Gus Fring.

Or maybe it’s Peter Parker, or young Bruce Wayne… or…

Are you beginning to see a pattern? As Yuval Noah Harari will tell you in his book Sapiens, human beings are suckers for a story — and generally it is the same story. Jesus, Mohammad, The Buddha, and so on. This story (see Joseph Campbell and The Hero With A Thousand Faces), is repeated over and over and over in every culture and every society. The same story.

Now, let’s look at the most recent iteration.

Young prince of a rich and powerful Queens home building family, young Donald is confronted with a challenge — in this case, to run for the Presidency of the United States (ridiculous, but he thinks its a good PR move for his brand).

Rather remarkably, he wins, and his four years are fraught with difficulties (covid amongst them). He loses and retreats to exile in Florida (beats the desert). Then, he decides to accept his destiny, and returns to his native land (Manhattan in this case) and is faced with many difficult challenges, (here you may substitute Joe Biden for Darth Vader — at least that’s how MAGA portrays him — Deep State or Death Star) — Anyway, in the end of the movie, Trump is victorious over his opponent and leads his people (MAGA People) into the Promised Land (outlawing abortions, contraceptives and rounding up all aliens).

You think this is wrong? I think not. In our media-centric world we have a deep and unshakable belief in a story. And Trump has the perfect story.

The more challenges that the Death Star (deep state, DOJ, Biden, you name it) throw at him, the more of a hero on a journey he becomes.

What story does Joe Biden have?

I can wait.

Russia did not invade Ukraine because it needed more land. The Russia/Ukrain War is a war over who has the best story. Israel/Palestine? A war of who has the best story.

Sorry, but in a nation where the average person spends 8 hours a day watching TV/video/Netflix the person with the best story wins.

If Joe Biden expects to have a chance at beating Donald Trump in November, he needs a story. No one cares about ‘policies’. No one even pays attention outside the beltway. But everyone loves a good story.

There is still time, brother.



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